April, 2019
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Understanding Rheology

ρηεολογψ-It’s all Greek to me! Yes it is. But it doesn’t need to be. The term rheology comes from the Greek word rheos, which means “to flow.” Rheology is the study of flow. When you talk about squeezing, spreading, or lubricating a fluid, you are talking rheology. When you apply a force that causes a fluid to move, rupture, or flow, you are describing a rheological force.​​​​​​​

Technical Report: A Rheology Lesson

Whether you are dealing with a fluid coating or a plastic product, you need to understand rheology. Rheology of the polymer in question affects not only the final product but the settings and limitations of the process.

But what is rheology? Stated simply, rheology is the “flow” of a polymer.

Coating Station & Positioner
In addition to manufacturing slot dies, Coating Tech manufactures other equipment used in the slot die coating process such as coating stations and positioners. Pictured above is a coating station/positioner with chrome-plated chill roller and rubber nip roller built to accommodate a client's coating head.
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Download our latest technical E-Book, An Introduction to Rheology. The volume includes a selection of articles about the science of flow which is an important part of slot die coating success. A basic understanding of rheology will help operators and engineers to have a deeper knowledge of their coating process and will help create more accurate, efficient, and trouble-free coating processes. Click here to request yours.
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